e-Globe Services

We provide Various IT related services. This includes 

  • PC Service
  • Notebook Services
  • Printer Services

Services are vital for durability of any product. This goes mainly to electronic Products. Products such as Graphic Cards, Power Supplies with heavy usage, Notebooks need regular services to prevent build-up of Dust and elimination of malfunction due to 
dust clogging. We also use Antec Thermal Paste Formula 7 in order to maintain the temperature of the Processor during the service. 

We do Structured Network cabling using 3M Cable. We are also able to provide Solution based services to customers who need IT related Advice in planning for future IT Purchases. This includes purchases of Servers, IT Products and Software. 

We also provide Microsoft Based Software, Anti Virus Solution, CAD Programs. 

We are equipped with latest test equipment’s needed to for trouble shoot, do necessary repairs and provide valuable services to our customers.