Introducing the all-new O11D EVO XL, an enlarged case that accommodates numerous components while enhancing modularity to meet the needs of most PC enthusiasts.

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Zahir Hussain

Very good after sales service. All types of computers and accessories could be purchased with pre order. Highly professional and good technical staff.

Mohamed Azad

This place is one stop shop if you wanna build a rig or a PC. I have brought so many peripherals from this place and without a saying the warranty claims are much more easy with they offer you a replacement part till the warranty is claimed from manufacturers. Above is a very recently built rig from there.

Kasun Harshana

I have pre ordered and bought a asus vg27AQL1A 2k monitor from Eglobe. Reasonable price compared to other shops.and customer support also really great. I never visited to the shop. As I requested they checked the monitor before sent it.Even I am living in tangalle, I got the monitor safely within one day. Highly recommend shop. ❤

Hiran Adikari

Was able to grab this case at a very affordable price. Pretty much exactly the same cost as online. And the owner is really friendly. I had already ordered the rest of the components from other sources. Too bad. 5/5 will come back for more.

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